D. Zawawi Imron

D. Zawawi Imron was born in Batang-batang Village, in the eastern most part of Madura Island.  After completing Public School (an equivalent of primary school) he studied in Madrasa Lambicabbi, Gapura, Sumenep, for 18 months. His poetry collection, Bulan Tertusuk Ilalang, once served Garin Nugroho’s film Bulan Tertusuk Ilalang. His poetry collection,  Nenekmoyangku Airmata was chosen as The Best Poetry Book by Buku Utama Foundation in 1985. Subsequently, his poetry collection Celurit Emas won Best Poetry Book from Language Centre in 1990. In 1985, Zawawi won first prize for poetry competition from AN-teve commemorating the 50th Indonesian  Independence Day. In 2010, his poetry collection Kelenjar Laut, received South-East Asia Literature Tribunal’s Literature Award (MASTERA) from the Kingdom of Malaysia. The book also acquires 2011 SEA Write Award from the Kingdom of Thailand. His other poetry collections such as, Derap-derap Tasbih, Lautmu Tak Habis Gelombang, Bantalku Ombak Selimutku Angin, Madura Akulah Darahmu, Kujilat Manis Empedu, Berlayar di PamorBadik and Mata Badik Mata Puisi.